Positive experiences with a raw food diet

Rawfood - Fresh Organic TomatoesFor many people a raw food diet gives them positive experiences every day.

A raw food diet is recommendable for a whole host of diverse reasons. Raw food consists for the most part of unheated, vegetable-based food which is based on the fact that it is natural food that has been left unadulterated, because raw food is considered to be the most natural and healthy form of nutrition available to humans.

The staples of raw food always include fresh or dried fruit, various vegetables and salads, fresh and unheated cereals, cold-extracted honey and cold-pressed oils, and unadulterated nuts and seeds. A raw food diet can also be supplemented by cold-smoked food and dried meat, fish and sour marinated vegetables, fresh milk and raw eggs.

A special form of raw food is so-called natural food, with natural food being comprised largely of wild herbs, various leaves and berries and certain seeds. Natural food can provide an excellent supplement and enhancement to a raw food diet since users benefit from the energy supplied by the truly original substances in the natural food, because such natural food is rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to name but a few.
The good thing about historically original nutrition in the form of natural food is that it is available for free, but many people no longer know anything about the edibility of this natural food as a form of nutrition which grows in the forests and meadows. The natural food offered up by nature at no charge can help anyone not only to maintain their healthiness but to become healthy if needed.

Anyone who decides to take up raw food in a raw food diet in combination with natural food will at the same time be choosing the most natural of all paths to good health. Raw food in combination with natural food also helps to stimulate the self-regulating forces of the human body in a totally natural way, such that for many people raw food can set in motion a recovery process without the need for any medication to be taken.

The path to a raw food diet certainly demands a little discipline and effort, but after just a short time anyone who has discovered raw food for themselves will never want to give it up again. A raw food diet has positive effects on diabetes complaints, all sorts of allergies, skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, high blood pressure, rheumatism complaints, gout and a variety of gastro-intestinal problems.

Moreover, when full use is made of the diversity of possible raw food recipes, raw food also enhances your general well-being and vitality.

Raw food also reduces the strain on the digestive organs and helps people to lose weight because raw food hinders the sudden cravings for food that are so disliked by everyone. You can create many raw food recipes yourself in a raw food diet, there being absolutely no limits to your freedom when it comes to your own creativity in the use of raw food and natural food.

Soups can be made quickly and easily on the basis of raw food recipes, without any need for cooking, while the range of raw food recipes for salads is almost boundless. Although a raw food diet based on raw food recipes is so incredibly full of variety and delicious, it can always be supplemented by natural food now and then as well.

Creating or imitating raw food recipes, along with natural food as well, is also great fun and with a raw food diet it is always possible to find exactly the right raw food recipes to suit each person’s taste. Anyone who wants to find more ideas for raw recipes is bound to come across something suitable from a bookseller – some authors now specialise in putting together raw food recipes and getting them down on paper.

For a raw food diet, however, these raw food recipes should only be used as a basis for ideas, because many raw food recipes can be modified or varied easily and supplemented with natural food. Raw food recipes can also be interchanged and you will find a good number of raw food recipes at Keimling. Why not start to enjoy your own positive experiences with a raw food diet?

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