What is cascade fermentation?

What is cascade fermentation?

Cascade fermentation is the term used for the following processes:

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Regulat products are made primarily from European fruits, nuts and vegetables in an exquisite combination. This enzyme-rich mixture is fermented for many weeks in the presence of micro-organisms to form L-(+)-lactic acid. This successful concept revolves around taking a part of the fermented product and subjecting it to a further fermentation formula in a bioreactor.

A range of preparations are derived on the basis of this principle (incubation time varies according to the micro-organisms used), which are mixed together with the basic preparation before then being fermented for a final time. Cascade fermentation is a dynamising fermentation formula which provides a health-enhancing concentrate.

Out of this production process, which is ultra-sensitive in terms of culture temperature, pH-values and micro-organism change, comes the end product: the Regulat. The cascade fermentation process used in the production of Rechtsregulat is protected by European patent EP 115354.

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