Raw food – delicious food we trust

Raw food – delicious food we trust

We are introduced to raw food right at a very early age and it is therefore a familiar friend. We simply love biting into a crunchy carrot that has been freshly dug up, or eating cherries or plums fresh from the tree and picking blackberries from the bush while walking in the woods and then eating them straight away.

When spring comes we crave for green leaves and herbs. We enjoy raw food, whether it be direct from the tree or in an artfully created menu in a romantic atmosphere. Raw food is full of variety, delicious, stimulates the senses and keeps us fit and healthy.

Raw pleasure – and all the cells rejoice

Natural colours and shapes are a pleasure to the eye and bring water to your mouth. The aroma of fresh herbs, vegetables, grasses and fruit is unique. It is almost as if our cells have the knowledge stored in them that they are simply good for us. The intensive aroma of dried dates, figs, cocoa beans and spices takes our senses on a journey to far off lands.

Creamy soft sauces and pastes caress the tongue. Crunchy vegetables and crackers awaken culinary feelings. Unusual compositions surprise our taste buds. Raw food means pleasure with all the senses.

Information about a raw food diet 

> Raw food in general
> Juice presses and juicers
> Raw food appliances for your health
> Dried fruit and nuts

Raw food basics 

> Minerals / Trace elements
> Vitamins
> Food supplements, algae and grasses


Our experiences with raw food, and yours 

> Everyday raw food

More and more new raw food recipes

> Raw food recipes

Forthcoming raw food events for your diary

> Raw food diary

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  1. Simon says:

    Very informative post, I can’t get enough reading! My usual breakfast is always with fruits, esp. grapes. I be it belongs to raw foods. 😉
    I am starting to eat right these days, since my blood sugar level is getting high. Am also started eating fresh salad like Ceasar Salad and south beach diet.

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