Bernd Bieder

Bernd Bieder

Organiser of exotic holidays, raw food expert, fasting and walking guide and writer. His particular interest is devoted to the field of “living a more aware, natural and intensive life”.

Raw food Fan Bernd Bieber

Raw food Fan Bernd Bieber

A health crisis in 1991 was the trigger that prompted Bernd Bieder to radically alter his lifestyle and diet. He discovered fasting and walking and the raw food diet.

The results which took quick effect in terms of his health and the newly felt joyful and liberating sense of life, motivated him to continue this path rigorously and to take it fully into his own hands.

He was the first, in 1995, to set up a direct import business for high-quality tropical fruits from South-East Asia. In other words, a source of supply which enabled end customers in Germany to get parcels of tree-ripened fruits from paradise delivered in no more than just a few days directly from the country of origin.

From the tree in the tropics, into the personal parcel for each individual customer and then delivered to the doorstep here in about 3 days. This delivery service no longer exists today, but there are other new ones based on the same model.

Bernd Bieder built up a fund of photos and short descriptions of over a hundred different exotic fruits. Not least in order to demonstrate what a rich and wonderful range of natural food we still have to choose from. His book “Paradiesische Früchte” (or “Fruits from Paradise”) has been out of print for some years now. It is not currently known whether or when a revised edition is to be published.

What is new, on the other hand, is his book “Natürlich leben und genießen” (or “Living and Enjoying a Natural Life”). For many readers this is quite simply the definitive book about the subject of raw food and diet. There is also a second volume, with the distinctive title of “Ernährung, Psyche, Sexualität und Liebe” (or “Diet, Psyche, Sexuality and Love”). With vivid, surprising and liberating presentations this book clearly spells out the complex and far-reaching interrelationships and influences to be found in our lives. To date he has published six books and numerous articles in various journals and magazines.

Bernd Bieder is also the initiator of the Baselife Raw Food Projects. Under this name he organises events such as health conferences, fasting and walking and raw food seminars. The name “Baselife” – which combines the terms for base and life – is intended to emphasise that only life can provide the basis for life. Only a living kernel can bring forth a new plant or even a new tree.

This can never happen with a baked or roasted kernel. On this basis, therefore, whether we feed ourselves from living food of from dead food has to be a question of fundamental importance. Bernd Bieder never tires of repeatedly pointing out this fundamental relationship. In response to the sometimes heated debates involving conflicting opinions within the various groups in the raw food scene, he seeks a balance by stressing the need to focus on the large areas of common ground rather than the small differences separating one view from another.

Another “exotic” element of his work was directed into his company “Exotische Reisen” (or “Exotic Holidays”). Under this name he has been organising and arranging individualistic holiday to various tropical countries around the world for some years, such as tours of Vietnam, magical trips to Bali, safaris in Botswana and nature tours to Costa Rica. They also include raw food buffets from paradise that are a hit not just with raw foodists.

And, last but not least, he is also a highly successful photographer and travel photographer. His photo website features stunning photos from around the world.

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