Quest for proof… Cashew nuts in raw-food quality!

Quest for proof… Cashew nuts in raw-food quality!

I went to Indonesia personally to check for myself the raw food quality of our cashew nuts. The first step of my journey took me to cashew tree plantations on the coast of Bali. The certified plantation cultivation is carried out there without the use of any insecticides and in compliance with the principle of pure organic cultivation.  Some of trees are found in scattered plantation, in other words trees growing freely in nature.

Gentle drying

Farmers, both men and women, carry the nuts in large bowls on their heads to the Balinese mountains.  Once they arrive at the collection station of the cooperative, their weight and origin are noted down exactly. In the Balinese mountains I was able to see with my own eyes how the nuts underwent gentle further processing. The cooler temperatures of the mountain region are used to dry the cashew nuts which are spread out on cloths. When the shells were opened I was able to determine a temperature of maximum 35°C inside the nuts.
In addition to verifying my demand for true raw food quality, it was also important for me to see for myself that the criteria for organic production certification and the principle of “Fair for Life” were being observed. The work with cashews should enable all those involved to live a good life.

A hard nut to crack, but a delicious kernel!

But how do you actually get to the treasure inside the nutshell? There are three methods of removing the cashew kernels from their shells: steaming, boiling or cracking the shells open by hand. The first two methods cannot be applied without heating the nuts at extremely high temperatures of up to 205°C. This entails the loss of valuable substances. That is why Keimling cashew nuts are removed from their shells by hand with the aid of a special nutcracker machine. The naturally healthy raw food quality remains intact. The cashew kernels are then dried in a “raw oven” at a maximum temperature of 43°C. At the end of my journey I held some delicious, crispy cashew kernels in my hand. Guaranteed raw food quality.

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