Raw food with the Personal Blender

Raw food with the Personal Blender






Raw food bread that melts in your mouth:  The raw food recipe for linseed “sourdough” bread, made with the Personal Blender.

If you are looking for bread that contains no yeast, gluten or oil, the raw bread recipe created by Victoria Boutenko is just what you are after. You have to allow the dough to prove for 1-3 days.  A shorter drying time results in raw food bread that is still slightly moist, while a longer drying time will produce crackers.

To be able to make linseed “sourdough” you will need a dehydrator.
Mix these wet ingredients with the Personal Blender:

•    500 ml water
•    2 sticks of celery
•    2 handfuls (250 ml) of green beans
•    2 tomatoes (yellow or red)
•    1 onion (white, yellow or red)
•    2 cloves of fresh garlic
•    2-4 tablespoons (approx. 25-50 ml) of miso

Dry ingredients:

•    4 handfuls (500 ml) of shredded linseed
•    2 handfuls (250 ml) of shelled hemp seeds (if desired)
Preparation instructions:
First mix all the wet ingredients in a number of separate stages.
After that, mix the pre-mixed wet ingredients together with the solid ingredients in a large bowl, cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave the dough to prove for 1-3 days. Shape it into long, thin loaves and place them on a Paraflexx drying sheet. The raw food loaves of bread need to dry in a dehydrator for 12-18 hours at approx. 40°C, after which they need to be turned over and dried for a further 6-12 hours.

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